1967 XR-7 Introduction Postcard

This month we take a look at another dealer advertising postcard.  As you probably recall from previous examples, advertising postcards were printed by Lincoln-Mercury and purchased by dealerships, often as part of an advertising package which might also include brochures, posters or other advertising items.  The dealership imprinted the postcard with their name and address, then sent them to their customer and prospect mailing lists.

This particular example of dealer advertising postcards is unique for a couple of reasons.  One reason is that it announces the original Cougar XR-7 model, introduced midway through the 1967 model year.  Another reason this advertising postcard is unique has to do with its size.  It was a large format card, measuring 8-1/4" by 6-1/8", about twice the size of a typical postcard.

The 1967 XR-7 introduction postcard was printed on glossy card stock in two colors.  The difficult to read fine print text on the front of the card, to the right of the Mercury script reads: "Above:  Dress up your Cougar XR-7 with an optional sports console including electric clock with sweep second hand and elapsed time indicator, and AM radio.  Let yourself go . . . in jet set style!"