Cougar Wrecks 1968

^ 1968 Mercury Cougar that I painted for a used car lot in 1989. It sat under this carport for 5 or 6 years before a tornado came through and dropped the carport on top in it. Now see what can happen if you let your classic sit and wait for that "one day" when you start to restore it


^ 1968 Cougar GTE with the 427 side oiler motor. The car sat next to the owners house since 1972 with 28,000 miles and in like new condition, when the owner decided to rebuild the engine when his timing chain went. But was left to rot, it was worse than it looks. Took me 2 years to convince the owner to part with it and a few months later to dig out the motor with 20 odd years of junk over it. But hey what do you want for $100.00 [no bull]. Production is under 400 cars.


^ Here is a 1968 Cougar XR7 G that I've known about for 12 years. When I knock on the door a little old man said that the car is not for sale. It's my sons car and he is going to restore it. 12 years later I spot the car in the neighbors back yard, so I knock on his door and a old lady comes to the door. It's her husbands car, he comes outside and says you want to see the cougar? I ask him, is the car for sale and he said, I want what I paid for it 12 years ago, $1,000. I said Sold, I did have the Martie report done and it's a 100% real XR7 G car with a sunroof, PS, PDB, Tilt-Cruise, Air, Auto and the original cougar valve covers.