Cougar Wrecks 1970


^1970 Cougar Eliminator with the 428 Cobra-jet motor that was left to rot and raped of parts for it's sister the Mustang. I rescued this car and returned it to the road. Production is under 400 cars


^ 1970 cougar eliminator with 40000 original miles had been sitting in a bard for 25 years. seems the owners wife wrecked the front drivers side and he went and bought a fender and hood but never finished it. That was in 1976 and now I own it. It is a 351c 4bbl 300hp three speed on the floor. Rare!! Now restoring it. -Baczynski

^^ 0F91M514904 ^


^ 0F93H534179 ^


^ 0F94H524801 ^


^ OF91H548617 ^


^This Cougar Eliminator was brought to Aruba by an oil executive when it was brand new. He returned to the US after a short time and sold the car to an employee at the local refinery. It’s all original with the 351C V8 and 4-speed transmission. It is in poor shape now, after sitting outdoors for several decades^