GT E Package

The GT-E was based on the original 1967 GT option, but where the GT was more or less a Standard Hardtop with a 390 4V engine and handling package, the GT-E was a distinctly different car on the outside, as well as under the hood.

1968 GT-E

The GT-E name came from Ford's in-house code (E) for the high-performance 390 horsepower 427 cubic inch engine, which is what the original GT-Es had stuffed between their shock towers (replaced mid-year by the CJ 428).  But the Mercury design team wasn't satisfied with just building a fire-breathing Cat.  It had to look and handle like one, too.  Thus, with a sticker price of a little more than $4,000, the GT-E option package included the following equipment:

  • Competition-style, horizontal grille bar
  • Blackout grille and taillights
  • Twin-Scoop Power-Dome hood
  • Bright lower side moldings
  • Two-tone paint treatment
  • Quad exhaust extensions
  • Styled steel wheels
  • 7 litre 427 engine
  • Select-Shift Merc-O-Matic transmission
  • Power steering
  • Power front disc brakes
  • Higher rate front and rear springs
  • Large diameter stabilizer bar
  • Adjustable, heavy-duty shock absorbers

A total of 394 GT-Es were built.  Of that number, 357 were equipped with the 427 engine and 37 came with the 428.