Classic Cougar Drive Trains: 1967

289 2V Standard Engine

1967 Engines:

During its first year on the market, Cougar engine selection was limited compared to what would be available on future models.  Besides the standard 289 2V, there were only two performance options: the 289 4V and a four bbl version of the 390 cubic inch "Marauder" engine. 

Keep in mind that the horsepower rating method used in 1967 was "brake horsepower" (measured at the flywheel), rather than the more realistic SAE net rating method which became the standard in 1972.


CID Carb CR HP Torque Exhaust Std/Opt VIN Code Specs
289 2 bbl 9.3:1 200@4400 282@2400 single standard C VIN Decoder 1967 2
289 4 bbl 9.3:1 225@4800 282@2400 single optional A VIN Decoder 1967 3
390 4 bbl 10.5:1 320@4800 427@2800 dual optional S1 VIN Decoder 1967 4

(1) Known as the "GT" or "Marauder" engine

1967 Transmissions:

Type Ranges Eqpmnt Code
Manual1 3-speed 1
Manual 4-speed 5
Automatic (C-6) 3-speed U
Automatic (C-4) 3-speed W

(1) Std with all engines

1967 Rear Axle Ratios: